Collection: Garden Rainbow

From our backyard garden to your home.

Homegrown organically from organic seeds but flowers are not certified as organic. No chemical is being used.
We hope to offer very limited amount of homegrown colours options for your family to have creative fun with.

Limited summer colour editions:
Dry petals
Freshly picked edible flowers
Freshly picked small mixed flowers in Mason jar
Mini flowers set with arrangement kit



  1. Everything we offer is not pre washed to extend their lifespans. 
  2. Please keep edible flowers in fridge if not used same day.
  3. Fresh items are only available for local pickup/ GTA delivery with flat rate.
  4. This collection will only be delivered weekly (we strongly advise someone to be home to pickup as summer heat could damage fresh items if exposed in outdoor heat for long) and please allow 24 hours for pickups

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